I’m a traditional polytheist who practices Kemeticism as my faith, but I also honor deities from various other cultures – most especially Germanic and Roman culture. I have been a member of the Pagan community for over twenty years now, and in that time I have studied not only neopaganism and polytheistic reconstructionism in particular, but also various contemporary esoteric traditions including witchcraft, hermeticism and gnosticism to name a few. As a devotional polytheist – particularly with a Kemetic focus, my approach to mysticism is intrinsically connected not only to the deities I worship, but also to a thorough exploration of mythology and sacred symbolism. My constant examination of these aspects of spirituality inform my spiritual gifts as a clairvoyant oracle, and help me to provide meaningful counsel to people of various spiritual backgrounds – most favorably those who practice polytheistic traditions.


I have created this website as a place to share my own spiritual insights with others, and to make a separate space for decidedly spiritual and esoteric pursuits. I prefer to keep a layer of separation between my mundane and spiritual life, in the hopes of avoiding the frustrations of dealing with conventionally-minded people and their rigid attitudes about religion. I will also be using this website to provide oracular consultation to people who I think can suitably benefit from it, as well as to trade readings with other diviners. I endeavor to teach spiritual techniques to those who have meaningful potential. My pathworking with others in is just as nuanced as my own spiritual tradition.